16 Days of Activism, November 25 – December 10

In spite of the physical restrictions caused by Covid-19, Zonta SCV's Advocacy Committee has continued to meet and find creative ways to advocate during the 16 Days of Activism and beyond.

Plans are in place to provide community awareness through the Red Dress Project at locations that are open and provide good access such as the Farmers Market. New articles designed to inform on issues of violence against women and girls are being posted each day on Zonta's various social media platforms and on Zonta's Website and Blogs.

Also, active again is the Court Advocacy Program that assists women fleeing from domestic violence situations.

Advocating with the City of Santa Clarita on an annual basis is an important part of our 16 Days, and Zonta SCV will again be recognized with a commendation at a City Council meeting in November. A banner has been prominently displayed above the street in front of the City Hall, and Zontians wear their orange shirts at every opportunity to signify Zonta's "Orange the World" campaign, providing important media exposure and attention.