Join us for our next workshop! Workshops will resume in September 2024!

Thank you to all attendees of our workshops.  See you in the Fall!

Our workshops are created as learning tools to build a healthy relationship with ourselves as well as others. We are building connection, engagement, community, and increasing our emotional intelligence, to support the transition of overcoming the challenges faced in life. These workshops have been created to support those that have gone through a difficult transition in their life.

The workshops will be facilitated by Evelia Scanlon and Stephanie Garrison, who are experienced facilitators in AWBW (A Window Between Worlds), Healthy Relationships, Domestic Violence, and Parenting.

Each workshop will have three parts:

  • A Window Between Worlds art expression to assist in building emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-love;
  • An Inspirational Story from our guest speaker, where we learn to have empathy, compassion and connection;
  • Activities and information to support creating healthy boundaries in your life.