End Child Marriage

June 2021, Rhode Island passed a law to end child marriage under 18. This is great news!

As of today, 5 states have ended child marriage, California isn't one of them. The current law in California, established by SB273 and approved by the governor (Jerry Brown) in September 2018 and was effective in January 2019 includes NO minimum age to marry.  Here are some interesting facts for you.

  • March 2018: Florida (Statute 741.4) raises the minimum age to marry age 17.
  • May 2018: Delaware (HB 337) becomes the first state to ban Child Marriage full stop with the nation's first "No Child Marriage, No exceptions" law.
  • June 2018: New Jersey (S. 247) becomes the second state to ban Child Marriage. Former Governor, Chris Christie had vetoed the bill in May 2017.
  • April 2019: Nevada (AB139) raises the minimum age to marry to 17.
  • May 2019: Georgia (HB 228) raises the minimum age to marry to 17.
  • May 2020: Both Pennsylvania (HB 360) and Minnesota (HF 745) pass “18, No Exceptions” laws.
  • June 2021: Rhode Island (H5387/S398) pass "18, No Exceptions" laws.

The United States and 192 other countries have signed on to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Child Marriage is included under Goal 5 “Gender Equality.” The review of Child Marriage laws has gotten an additional push from the global spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs bring attention to areas where the US and other developed countries are not yet in line with global human rights standards.

Join us by help advocating against child marriage.  We challenge everyone to make a difference in our community, county, state and our nation. Write your governor! Please share this post and story with your friends and family. The more we share and talk about this subject, the more people will be aware of this horrible fact.