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The LifeForward program offers monthly skill-building workshops that concentrate on topics useful to women of varying ages and interests. These include job search and application topics, parenting, self-care, and financial education. Subject Matter Experts provide their expertise, knowledge and skills to promote empowerment and self-sufficiency.

LifeForward Workshop Sept 2018

The latest installment of the LifeForward workshop series, hosted by the Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley, kicked off Sept 22, 2018 with a discussion on how cyber technology impacts young people.

Held at the Savia Community Center, parents and children sat and listened to Chris Jones and Ray Bercini speak about cyberbullying and cyber targeting. While the organization’s goal is designed to empower and support women in Santa Clarita and worldwide, the Zonta Club began organizing with other nonprofits and the city to target helping single mothers and domestic violence survivors, leading to Life Forward, said Phyllis Walker, Life Forward Workshop co-chair for the Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley.

Fliers were sent to all the high schools in the William S. Hart Union High School District, notifying parents and students to RSVP, said Walker.

“The parents asked a lot of really good questions,” said Jones, a licensed educational psychologist. “Most of it had to do with how to recognize when cyberbullying’s happening and to understand how to navigate in an Internet-based world.”

Jones advised parents to set up email and chat accounts with their children, this way there is consistency with usernames and passwords and any personal information is not included. Parents were also informed to keep an open communication and set up an environment of trust between them and their children. Giving parents a better sense of what to look out for helps when children are likely to be more tech-savvy with devices and apps, he said.

As he presented, Jones also advised children to not give out any personal information or passwords, not even to friends, only parents. If a child receives a threatening message from someone, save it and print out a copy to give to an adult. Do not respond back. Parents should stay up-to-date on the latest acronyms and look over any instant message “buddy lists” with their children, according to Jones.

Bercini then followed with his own presentation. A detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Bercini detailed many of the dangers children can access online, including predators, human traffickers and pornography. He also warned parents about online chat rooms, where someone under a different identity can lure children and teenagers into various criminal activities, such as sex exploitation or child prostitution. Bercini also identified various chat rooms platforms from Snapchat to Chatroulette to Omegle.

“We’ve got to be vigilant and look at this stuff,” he said.

As long as people have access to a portal, young people are still at risk, he said, adding that dangers can come through the use of a computer or tablet, a game console, Blu Ray player or a smartphone.

“It is awareness, checking in on your kids, communicating with kids,” Bercini said. “I’ll reiterate: Don’t give your information to anybody.”

The Life Forward series are designed to help women “believe in your unlimited power and potential, build the skills necessary to succeed, be the powerful woman you are meant to be,” according to description on the event’s flier.

“This was from a survey of things that were presented in the past and these were priority,” Walker said. “As the audience that comes, instead of us trying to determine what they need, they tell us what best meets their needs, so that’s how the topics are decided.”

The Zonta Club will continue holding workshops until the end of the year. The next session will be “Use Your Own Superpower to Increase Self Worth!” featuring Laura Cazares, life mastery consultant and DreamBuilder coach, on Oct. 20.

Sessions are free but seating is limited.


Flyers from 2017-2018 workshops

LifeForward Workshops 2018 - 2019

The following workshop topics are planned for the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month, except for December, which is dark

(Attend five of seven workshops offered from August 25, 2018 through March 16 , 2019; receive Recognition Awards.)


  • August 25th - Communication and Relationship Skills - Wendy Amara, Strategic Life Coach and Doris Marie Zimmer, Relationship Coach
  • September 22 - Awareness & Understanding Issues That Impact Our Youth! The Age of Cyber – Computers & Cell Phones Bring Cyber Into Our Homes, Hands and Lives! Presenters – Cyberbullying, Chris Jones, Licensed Educational Psychologist; Detective Ray Bercini, LASD Human Trafficking Bureau
  • October 20 - Use Your Own Superpower To Increase Self-Worth - Believe in Yourself & Feel Good! Presenter- Laura Cazares, Life Mastery Consultant & DreamBuilder Coach
  • November 10 -  Anger Management - As an Individual & Parent; Holiday Stress - Relax & Enjoy the Holidays! – Presenter – John Derenski, Therapist
  • December - Dark


  • January 12 - Understanding & Filing Taxes! Understand the Basics - Whether You Prepare Your Own or Not– Presenters - Laura and David Troost, both CPAs
  • February 16 - Money Rules - Master Your Money Before It Masters You! Presenter, TBD
  • March 16 - Your Health & Well Being – Eat Right & Exercise! Inexpensive Healthy Meals - Be Firm & Trim! Presenters TBD
  • April 20 - Motivational Topic! Presenter – Aazam Irillian, Certified Therapeutic Imagery & Social Emotional Arts Practitioner; Attendance & Achievement Awards, Network & Celebrate!
  • May 18 - Divorce and Family Law Issues - Sources of Child Support! - Presenter TBD


Lifeforward workshops are sponsored by Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley incollaboration with Single Mother’s Outreach, Domestic Violence Center, returningWomen Veterans, and LA County Department of Child & Family Services serving foster moms.


Location: Watch here for new location
For more info please contact: Phyllis Walker, 661-252-1172

LifeForward Workshops 2017 - 2018


  • August 19th - Effective Parenting Skills - Alex Urbina, a teen and parenting expert; author of new book, "The Inspirational Parent."
  • September 16th - Anger Management - Moment to Exhale! – Dr. Patricia Patton, Clinical Psychologist and staff member with Emerge from Anger in Newhall and has co-authored several workbooks on anger management.  She teaches Continuing Education workshops for therapists throughout Southern and Northern California.
  • October 28th - Recognize & Develop Good Relationship Behaviors - Shana Williams, Inspirational Speaker; Elise Moore & Eve Scanlon, facilitators of therapeutic Healthy Relationships course.
  • November 11th - Awareness and Understanding Issues that Impact Youth– Presenters - Bob Sharits, Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor,  Detective Bill Velek, Los Angeles Sheriff’ Department, Household Drug Paraphernalia.


  • January 20th - Understanding & Filing Taxes – Presenters -  Laura  and David Troost, CPA ‘s
  • February 17th -Develop a Career Strategy, Create a Resume, Interview Techniques Effectively Network - Presenters – Wendy Amara, Executive Life Coach; Sue Reynolds, Career Development - Wm. S. Hart School District.
  • March 17th - Money Rules 101- Master Your Money Before It Masters You!  - Presenter, Patti Handy, Mortgage Specialist
  • April 28th - Your Health & Well Being – Eat Right & Exercise! Inexpensive Healthy Meals - Be Firm & Trim! McKenzie Hall Jones, Registered Dietician & Nutritionist; Exercise with Rich Enriquez, Fitness Movement Specialist & Michelle Jones, Certified Zumba Instructor.
  • May 19th  -Motivational Topic –Azaam Irilian,  certified practitioner in Social Emotional Arts and Therapeutic Imagery; Attendance & Achievement Awards, Network & Celebrate!
  • June 16th Divorce and Family Law Issues - Sources of Child Support! – Presenter- Al Lustgarten, Esq., Law Offices of Al Lustgarten.