As your club President, I encourage all of our members to voice their thoughts and opinions. This past quarter I have heard many who said they would love to have certain things changed for the future. I have also heard from a few seasoned members who don't want anything changed and wanted me to make sure that the traditions of the last 40 years were not altered.

But first and foremost, I must follow the rules and the guidelines given to me by Zonta International, District 9, and our club. When I was installed as president of our club by Sharon Langenbeck, I promised that I would uphold the rights of each member and to administer the matters of the club in a proper manner while exercising good judgement.

One of my functions is to ensure that we comply with the bylaws of our club and Zonta International. This biennium, Mele Spencer and I are chairing the District 9 Bylaws Committee. It is my duty to assure our club sets an example and that the club becomes what everyone wants.

My passion for Zonta is strong. I want to make sure we accomplish our goals so that our service projects and fundraising can help our community and Zonta International.

I also want to share that I am very proud of the LifeForward Committee. The first virtual workshop was a success, drawing an unprecedented 26 attendees. I hope LifeForward continues to excel in fresh ways. Change is difficult for some, but innovation will bring more positive results for the future. It is indeed necessary if our club wants to keep up with the times.

Each and every member should have an elevator speech. I've often mentioned that I share my feelings and my passion for Zonta with many people every week. I can only ask that each of you do the same.

In order for our club to grow, we need everyone to share our mission and vision with other women in our community, and hopefully they will want to join us. I understand, that in this pandemic, this is very difficult to do, but I want to congratulate our Membership Committee for spreading the word. The results have been fantastic.

This quarter, we have reached our yearly goal set by District 9. Even so, we need to continue reaching out to achieve the growth we need. Always strive to be better; don't accept being ordinary. In this way, Zonta will flourish.

By Beth Heiserman