The Virginia Wrage Memorial Fund provides scholarships to deserving women in the Santa Clarita Valley



Virginia Wrage was a dedicated and loved Zontian, mother, and grandmother who, at the age of 50, faced a family crisis that resulted in a major career change for her. Virginia applied for, and after a rigorous nine-month course, fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant for American Airlines.

Two years later, Virginia was diagnosed with cancer. Before her death, she helped plan a fund that would assist other mature women through challenges such as those she faced.

Since its inception in 1995, the Virginia Wrage Memorial Fund has aided more than 50 women with scholarships ranging from $500 to $3000.

Many recipients are returning to school at mid-life to be able to support themselves and their children. Some are victims of domestic abuse. Some are single mothers. Some are struggling to complete G.E.D.s or college degrees. Some are on the verge of becoming homeless. All are facing a difficult life challenge.

Each year, the Virginia Wrage Memorial Fund provides scholarships to deserving women in the Santa Clarita Valley community. The members of Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley are honored to be able to assist these women in the name of Virginia Wrage.

What Recipients Have Said:

"My dream is to use my gifts and talents to encourage, stimulate and motivate a thinking society."

"Every woman needs support and you are a tremendous blessing to each of us."

"My dreams include philanthropy and to support those in need and to give back in appreciation for what I have been so fortunate to receive."

"Thank you for seeing in me an example of the woman that Ms. Wrage wished to support."

"It was a big inspiration that someone believed in me when I was having a hard time believing in myself."

"Definitely, receiving this money and reading your letter empower and motivate me to keep going. You let me know that it is worth the effort and that it is valued."

"It's overwhelming to be back in the workforce at 48, but it's more common than I ever realized.  Thanks to this grant, I believe I'll do better than just survive."

"I'm a UCLA Graduate.  I never anticipated going into hiding, food stamps and homelessness"

"It was darn hard, with six kids.  But I want my kids to know that you have to go get what you want.  It's not going to come to you."

"You are a wonderful support emotionally, and I hope to make you proud."

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2021 Virginia Wrage recipients announced

We are pleased to announce 7 recipients of the 2021 Virginia Wrage Memorial Fund Scholarships.  This is the largest group we have had.  They are amazing women with plans for the future and we are proud to help them fulfill their dreams.

Maria Teresa obtained her degree in Economics (magna cum laude) in the Philippines and helped manage her parents' music store.  Later she began working  in the court system and decided to become a lawyer.  She plans to use her scholarship to complete paralegal studies and to work within the complexities of the law and obtain the power to make a difference and serve the community.

Annelie will be using her scholarship to complete her Flight Instructor Instrument rating in order to allow her to train pilots to navigate solely by instrument (without looking outside).  It is an advanced training prerequisite to flying for commercial airlines.  She plans on applying to American or Alaskan Airlines and achieve the rank of captain.

Alisha,  a single mom with two children (one of whom has OCD), is attempting to further her career in psychology spurred on by her child's problems.  She wants to assist parents who have children who struggle with mental illness and hopes to eventually open her own business to provide mental health services.

Jalena suffered from a debilitating disease at an early age and almost died.  Even though she was told she could never have children, she became pregnant but lost the baby at 10 days old.  Shortly thereafter, she and her husband adopted two boys at birth.  Jalena dropped out of college during this trying time.  When her husband ended the marriage, she decided to go back to school and complete her education in Communications and Web Design.

LaKisha suffered extreme illness and is now disabled. She desires to contribute to her family's financial goals by going back to school to obtain her Accounting Technician Certificate and eventually obtain her BA in Accounting.  After completing her education, LaKisha wants to start her own home-based bookkeeping and accounting business.

Jayme has had major health problems since age 19 and has consequently volunteered in the healthcare community for many years.  She has decided to focus on Photography as a career while concentrating on wildlife.  She seeks degrees in Photograph and Photography Fine Arts. Jayme hopes to illustrate through photography and the written word how wild animals are being affected by Global Warming.

Amanda had three children at a young age and during this time suffered from a debilitating disease.  Once her disease went into remission, she married.  One of her children was diagnosed with a severe illness and Amanda also became ill once more.  She eventually divorced and her children are now grown.  Her goal is to fulfill her dream of attending law school and eventually practicing law.