World Day of Social Justice

What is World Day of Social Justice?

The 20th of February is observed as World Day of Social Justice since 2009. An underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations is defined as Social Justice according to the official website of the United Nations Organization. The principles of Social Justice are upheld to promote gender equality or the rights of indigenous people and migrants. Promoting development and human dignity through Social Justice is the core value of the UN.

World Day of Social Justice is not a public holiday rather a global observance that is in effect since 2009. More than one hundred international political leaders held a World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1995, to fight against poverty and full employment and aspired that they would also strive to have stable, and safe societies. The leaders at the World Summit agreed that social development means social justice, solidarity, harmony and equality within and among nations. Every country indeed takes social justice, equality, and equity as its fundamental values, but the governments are required to create solid frameworks to achieve “society for all” levels so that social justice will be promoted at local, national, regional, and global levels. Creating equal opportunities for job seekers, allowing equitable distribution of income, and offering greater access to resources via equality and equity became the flagship slogan of the world leaders.

Purpose of World Social Justice Day

The purpose of the day is to raise your voice against social injustice and to promote social justice throughout the world. The objective of the day is to bring the various communities globally closer and together that can help to eliminate poverty, physical and gender discrimination, racism, religious discrimination, illiteracy, and biases, etc. If societies of the planet become pure from the mentioned curses, only then a diverse global culture can emerge where everyone has equal opportunities and everyone has acceptance for others.